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The powerful technology of centrifugal force allows us to conduct solid-liquid separation in a simplified fashion. J.L Wingert is unmatched at applying this technology to manufacture highly efficient solid-liquid separation tools. With no screens, slotted baffles, moving parts or filter media the Wingert Separators cause ZERO unnecessary pressure loss or use of large volumes of backwash. This also grants you no mainenance required apart from purging through our easy to use purge setups.

Make the job easier and further automated with the Wingert Clean Tower Separator Systems. With 10 different models to choose from; grit, scale and troublesome solids are no longer a problem. Wingert Separator Systems are ready to go to work on even the toughest of applications.

At JL Wingert, we offer multiple solutions for your applications.  If the products we currently have designed don't meet your needs, contact us for a custom quote.