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The History of J.L. Wingert Company

The J.L. Wingert Company was originally started by James L. Wingert in 1964 as a manufacturer of Mixers. Wingert was also a Manufacturer’s Rep for Myron L, Griswold and a fiberglass tank line.

In 1969 J.L. Wingert hired a salesman, Reeve Thomas, to cover Southern California. In 1970 Reeve left to form his own company, THOMCO. THOMCO continued to sell Wingert products as a Manufacturer’s Rep and this was the start of the current Rep distribution that is still in existence today.

In 1974, Reeve Thomas and Burt Court formed a company called Court & Thomas Co. and this new venture continued to represent the Wingert products. Bypass Feeders, Separators, Sample Coolers and Sludge Traps joined the product offerings and were also sold through a developing rep structure.

In 1982, Jim Wingert wanted to retire. Having a long term relationship with Reeve & Burt, he offered them an opportunity to purchase the stock of the J.L. Wingert Co. On February 1, 1983 stock was transferred and ownership changed to Reeve Thomas & Burt Court.

Over the next few years, J.L. Wingert added numerous lines including LMI Metering Pumps, Tanks and Tank Stands. The manufacturing lines continued to prosper with the addition of custom skid assemblies and plain label products for larger accounts.

In March of 1989 the company experienced a total devastation. At close of business on a Tuesday night, fire erupted in the warehouse resulting in a total loss of product, equipment and records. Only the back-up tapes, running in the computer at the time, were salvaged. With the assistance of numerous employees, vendors and customers, manufacturing was back in business in less than two weeks; a feat that those involved would never wish on anyone.

With a new location in Santa Ana, CA and ample space, Wingert continued to grow through the nineties with manufacturing’s distribution handled both directly and with the assistance the now established Rep network.

In March, 1998, facilities were moved to Garden Grove, CA to allow for expansion and potential merging of both J.L. Wingert Co. & Court & Thomas Co.

In 1999, Burt Court retired and Court & Thomas Co. was merged into J.L. Wingert Co. bringing with this merger the additional distribution product lines of ARO, Seametrics, Sensorex and Signet and a secondary location in Hayward, CA. Reeve Thomas remains as sole owner of the combined company.

The Glycol product line was introduced late in 2001 and has expanded to be one of our top manufacturing products, offering numerous pump and pressure combinations.

In May 2003, the Hayward office was closed allowing all business to funnel though the Corporate Offices in Garden Grove, CA.

In January 2021, J.L. Wingert was acquired by DXP Enterprises. J.L. Wingert moved the distribution to the Ontario, CA warehouse to allow for increased production in Garden Grove.
In 2023, the Garden Grove location moved to Anaheim, where production has since increased to allow for both stocked products, and custom systems.

J.L. Wingert continues to manufacture and distribute water and waste water treatment equipment both directly and though our national and international rep and distributor network numbering over thirty individual organizations.

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