Blue-White Pumps & Flow Meters

Blue White metering series

Flex-Pro Metering

Self Priming Flex-Pro Peristaltic Metering Pumps Feed Rates to 158.5 GPH/600LPH. The combined-cycle plant includes two natural gas-fired combustion turbines, two heat-recovery steam generators and a steam turbine.The application required Injecting 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite into the reuse water to prevent biological build-up within the water tubes of the condenser.

Blue White Metering Pumps

Polysulfane Molded

The Blue White Polysulfane Molded Metering pump was designed to meter a wide range of mild acids, caustics, solvents and any other liquids that will not affect Ryton plastic, ceramic, viton A rubber, and Teflon.

Blue White Pump Hydronic Series

Chem-Pro Diaphragm Metering

This Chem-Pro Diaphragm Metering Pump Capable of high pressures and high volume outputs. Non-loss motion variable speed DC motor is powerful, quiet and energy efficient.

Blue White metering series

Flex-Flo Peristaltic Metering

The Blue White Self-Priming against maximum line pressure. Cannot Vapor Lock or Lose Prime. Four pump tube material options: Norprene, Norprene Chemical, Tygothane, and FKM. Series of Flex-Flo: A-100N, A1F, A1A, A2P, STAR III® SYSTEM


Blue White Metering Pumps

Paddlewheel Flowmeter

The Blue White Metering pump was designed to Display mounted on Pipe Fitting Battery Operated Capabilities Include: Rate & Total Flow ranges include: 0.4GPM to 8000GPM (varies per model and pipe size).

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Machined Acrylic Flowmeters

F-430N Series Pipe sizes 1 1/2" and 2" female NPT fittings & Flow from 4 to 100 GPM (15 to 375 LPM). F-550 Series Pipe sizes 1/4", 3/8", 3/4" and 1" male NPT 1/2" hose barb & Flow from 0.025 to 20 GPM (0.1 to 75 LPM). F-300 Series Pipe sizes 3/8" , 1/2" , 3/4" male NPT & Flow from .025 to 5 GPM (0.1 to 37.5 LPM)

Blue White Pump Controllers

Chem-feed Diaphragm Metering

Blue White Chem-feed Diaphragm Metering Pumps are designed two series C-600HV and C-600P. All ball bearing, permanently lubricated gear motor for smooth, quiet, powerful operation. Double ball, inlet and outlet check valves for optimum seal.

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Sonic Pro Flowmeters

Sonic Pro Flowmeters, the best option for Flow verification, Chemical metering, Fluid metering, Leak detection, Ultra-pure water, Polymer feed