Neptune Pump Options & Upgrades

   Blue White metering series

Advanced Stroke


The Neptune Advanced Stroke Controller allows the capacity of any Neptune 500 Series, 600 Series, or 6000 Series Hydraulic Metering Pump to be automatically controlled in response to a standard 4-20 mADC process signal. The one-piece controller-positioner mounts directly to the pump. No machining or any special drillings or tapings are needed to retrofit the pump. 

                                    Blue White metering series


Leak Detection

Neptune offers a double-diaphragm leak detection option for applications where contamination of the process fluid by the pump hydraulic fluid cannot be tolerated or where diaphragm failure must be sensed immediately. The Double-Diaphragm Leak Detection Upgrade is available for all 500 Series Hydraulic Pumps.

              Blue White Pump Controllers

Sodium Hypochlorite

Gas Bleed

Neptune offers an optional head that is designed with an automatic air-release valve that allows the venting of accumulated gas produced by chemicals that release process gas, such as sodium hypochlorite. The Sodium Hypochlorite Gas Bleed Upgrade is available for all 500 Series Hydraulic Pumps, MP7000 Series Mechanical Diaphragm Pumps and MP7100 Series Mechanical Diaphragm Pumps.