Seametrics Flow Meters

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Industrial Magmeters

iMAG industrial flow meters are all flanged inline magmeters that come standard with one pulse output but includes additional options for other outputs. Capable of being battery or externally powered as well. Our WMP-Series is a plastic-bodied industrial flow meter that uses battery-power and functions simply as a magnetic flow meter. The EX-Series industrial magmeters are adjustable and fixed insertion magmeters.


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Irrigation Magmeters

Seametrics irrigation magmeters are affordable, durable fluid measurement tools that allow you to manage and monitor irrigation water source flow.

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Mechanical Paddlewheel Meters

The Seametrics IP800 Series paddlewheel flow meters are impeller-type insertion meters designed for use in pipe sizes 1/2" to 8". High-quality jewel bearings and nickel-bound tungsten carbide shaft are used for maximum life and extreme low friction. The bodies of the IP800 paddlewheel flow meters are machined from solid rod for maximum precision.

     Blue White metering series

Mechanical Turbine Meters

The unique Seametrics WT Series turbine flow meter electronically detects and processes rotation of the rotor and is available in sizes from 3 to 8 inches. Because the only moving part is a precision helical rotor, the WT Series is optimized for low-flow. In addition, accuracy is maximized by these in-line, individually-calibrated turbine flow meters.


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Multi-Jet Meters

The Seametrics MJ Series pulse water meter is a contacting head water meter which utilizes the multi-jet principle, an internationally-accepted standard for many years. Multi-jet flow meters utilize an impeller which is centered in a ring of jets, with inlet jets on one level and outlet jets on another. This type of meter is known for its wide range, simplicity, and accuracy in low-quality water.

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Displays & Converters

The Seametrics FT400 series flow computers are microcontroller-based indicator/transmitters that interface with pulse output flow sensors to compute and display flow rate, flow total, and also generate output signals representing flow. The FT430 and FT450 have one scaled pulse output and one pulse pass through. The FT440 has two scaled pulse outputs. Galvanic isolation is provided for most pulse outputs.


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Single Jet Meters

The SP Series turbine flow meter employs jewel bearings for very low minimum flows. The 6-24 VDC pulse output of the SeaMetrics SP Series turbine flow meter is compatible with many different types of control, including a full range of Seametrics rate displays and controls. The FT420 provides flow rate and total flow, with 4-20 mA ouput.