Pyxis Sensors and Meters

        Blue White metering series

SP-210 Pocket Bleach Concentration Meter (0-16% mass/mass)

The SP-210 handheld Bleach Analyzer is uniquely designed pocket analyzer specifically designed to measure the real-time mass/mass concentration of both manufactured concentrate and diluted electrolysis produced Sodium Hypochlorite by percentage as Chlorine (Cl2). The SP-210 offers a direct pour sample method where bleach is applied directly to the sample measurement cell of the unit. The unit is integrated with algorithm compensation for ambient light and does not require the sample to be shielded during measurement.

Blue White Metering Pumps

EZ-10 pH Pen

The EZ-10 is a simple pH pen that measures the pH & temperature of water/liquid (0–14; 0–60 ºC). Powered by (3) 1.5VLR44 button batteries and offering a live display, this simple pH pen will provide accurate pH measurements within seconds! The simplicity of the unit offers low maintenance and rapid results making it perfect for the education and pool sectors of the water world! One press of the power button and you are ready to rock.


HM-900 Oil-In-Water Handheld Analyzer

The Pyxis Lab® HM-900 is a handheld portable fluorometer that measures the concentration of multiple oils in water (Marine-Offshore Oil, #1 Diesel/Kerosene & Heavy Fuel Oil). Utilizing an LED sourced UV Fluorescence methodology at 365nm wavelength and 410nm excitation, the HM-900 enables automatic range selection with dual-channel wavelengths of fluorescence.

SP-910 Fluorometer + Colorimeter + Turbidimeter

 The SP-910 is a multi-parameter and multi-wavelength fluorometer, colorimeter and turbidimeter. It is designed for Municipal, Environmental and Industrial water analysis. For industrial water treatment applications it uses a fluorescent tracer . The SP-910 is integrated with directly read and test for Fluorescein and PTSA. Furthermore it uses industry standard colorimetric and Pyxis Lab® reagents to provide colorimetric measurements at 7 LED wavelengths.

        Blue White Pump Hydronic Series

RT-100 PRISM Inline Refractometer

 Measures for the concentrations of Sugar Content (%BRIX), Mono-Ethylene Glycol (%MEG), Mono-Propylene (%MPG), and Refractive Index Value (%nD) with one robust, stainless steel sensor. A Truly Unique Inline Refractometer.

           Blue White metering series

ST-500 Inline PTSA Sensor

 Measures for PTSA at an expanded range (0–300ppb), while simultaneously compensating for Color & Turbidity Interference, to provide a more accurate dosage reading. Use the MA-WB Bluetooth® Adapter to enable wireless monitoring, calibration & cleanliness diagnostics via the uPyxis® app!


        Blue White Metering Pumps

ST-731 Inline Turbidity Sensor (0–10NTU)

The ST-731 is an inline turbidimeter designed for a wide range of turbidity monitoring in various applications. Each device is configured with a specific scale for NTU detection, ranging from 1–10NTU. This sensor is more robust and tolerant to fouling, rendering alternative turbidity sensors inferior due to particulate and air bubble challenges. The ST-731 also offers desired resolution and accuracy in high turbidity applications commonly using suspended solid meters.




ST-712 Inline pH + ORP Sensor

The ST-712 an inline dual-channel pH + ORP sensor that is specifically designed to simplify installation, calibration and operation in process, industrial, waste and cooling water applications. This sensor offers an embedded transmitter and can be utilized in both 4–20mA or RS-485 Modbus formats. When used in RS-485 format, the ST-712 also provides a temperature output signal. These features dramatically improve application possibilities allowing the ST-712 to be directly connected to most OEM controller, PLC or DCS systems.


CR-200 Wireless LPR Corrosion Rate Sensor

Measure for General and Localized Corrosion Rate based on System Metallurgy at a scale of 0.001–10MPY. Truly wireless, Bluetooth® enabled sensor that offers wireless monitoring, configuration & calibration via the uPyxis® app. LPR sensors, such as the CR-200, provide easy, affordable, and instant corrosion measurement. Furthermore LPR level reading represents the real-time electrochemical measurement of corrosion.

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UC-50 General Display & Data Logging Terminal

The Pyxis UC-50 is a preconfigured push-button color micro-display and data logging terminal that can connect any Pyxis Lab® sensor via RS-485 and 4-20mA. UC-50 also offers Bluetooth® 5.0 connectivity for use with the uPyxis Mobile or Desktop app. This microprocessor-based display requires no configuration when connected to Pyxis inline sensors.

           Blue White Pump Controllers

OXIPANEL™ PLUS IK-765SS-BP Series Auto-Brushing Oxidizer + pH + ORP Inline Analyzers for Challenging Water Applications

The IK-765-B PSeries are multi-parameter inline water analyzers designed as a ‘Turn-Key’ monitoring solution for challenging water applications. The IK-765-BP series offers accurate, real-time measurement, display and data-logging of Free Chlorine, Bromine, Chlorine Dioxide, Total Chlorine, or Dechlorination (Sulfite + Free Chlorine) plus pH, ORP & Temperature.

   Comprehensive Part List

OXIPANEL™ IK-765-B Series Auto-Brushing Oxidizer + pH Inline Analyzers for Industrial Water

The IK-765-B Series are dual-parameter inline water analyzers designed as a ‘Turn-Key’ monitoring solution for challenging water applications. The IK-765 series offers accurate, real-time measurement, display and data-logging of Free Chlorine, Bromine or Chlorine Dioxide plus pH & Temperature.





DW-2100P Series Multi-Parameter Inline Analyzers for Drinking Water

The DW-2100P series offers highly accurate, real-time measurement, display and data-logging of Ultra-Low Turbidity, Free Chlorine, pH and Temperature. Utilizing proprietary Pyxis Lab® smart sensor technology, coupled with a Pyxis Lab® touch screen display and data logging terminal, the DW2100P series is a convenient and easy to integrate panel mounted format for rapid installation and simple maintenance.


PTSA Calibration Solutions (30, 50, 100, 200 or 300ppb)


Pyxis Lab® PTSA standard calibration solutions are manufactured in strict lab environments and under a quality control process to ensure accuracy for calibration. It is ideal for calibration of the Pyxis Lab® portable and/or inline PTSA meters. 1,3,6,8 – Pyrene Tetrasulfonic Acid Salt (PTSA) is used in cooling and RO application water treatment chemicals. PTSA is a tracer for real time inhibitor concentration monitoring, often known as “Fluorescence Tracing” technique.


Turbidity Calibration Solutions (2, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000NTU or Combo Kit)

Pyxis Lab® has developed a wide-range of True Turbidity Calibration Standards recognized as NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units). These calibration standards are designed to be utilized for calibration of Pyxis Lab® devices that measure for Turbidity