Blacoh Fluid Control

Blue White metering series

Sentry Series

Sentry pulsation dampeners, surge suppressors, accumulators, and inlet stabilizers protect pumps, piping, valves, fittings, meters and inline instrumentation from damaging pulsations, cavitation, thermal expansion, hydraulic shock, surges, and water hammer. They create a smooth, steady flow to provide a uniform and calm flow of fluids. Availability in many materials ensures compatibility with any application.

                                   Blue White metering series


The new Blacoh AODDampener is specifically designed for AODD pumps and constructed of 316L Stainless Steel with a PTFE backed diaphragm. This single configuration will allow the unit to handle most AODD applications and is great for off-the-shelf capabilities. Like all Blacoh products, you can be assured of the quality and care we put into every unit. Utilize this unit to improve your AODD pump, reduce harmful vibrations, and save on overall energy costs.

         Blue White Pump Controllers

Sentinel Series

Blacoh Sentinel Guards are diaphragm seals that isolate process fluids from gauges and other system instrumentation. Process fluids that commonly contaminate and damage in-line instrument are protected from hazardous, corrosive fluids by a diaphragm. Not only does the Sentinel protect systems from harsh fluids, but also protects against freezing, prevents erratic surges caused by solids, and ensures reliability and accuracy of pressure instrumentation. Available in plastic, metal and PVDF materials.