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Wingert Manufactured Products

J.L. Wingert Co. has expanded it's manufactured line to meet the needs of today's water, wastewater, and process water treatment industry.  Whether you're in irrigation, water management, food services, or HVAC, our products can simplify your processes.
Our manufactured product line includes:
Portable liquid mixers from 1/20 HP to 5 HP / High speed (1725 RPM), low speed (60 RPM) and 350 RPM heavy duty mixers handle a variety of mixing applications from 30 gallons up to 5,000 gallons @ 2,000 CPS

Separates solids such as sand, dirt, metal chips and sludge from liquid without the use of filter media / Removes equipment-damaging solids down to 40 microns with flow rates from 8-13,900 GPM

Separator Systems
A powerful solids-removing system combining a centrifugal separator with a 90' TDH pump, basket pre-strainer, recovery tank and NEMA 4 control panel mounted on a carbon steel skid / Flow rates from 38-1,200 GPM to handle basin volumes from 190 gallons to 6,000 gallons and up, side stream flow rates from 380 to 12,000 GPM

Bypass, Bromine and Filter Feeders
Designed for the safe and reliable introduction of treatment chemicals into closed loop circulating systems / Models from 1 to 18 gallons with a complete selection of optional features and accessories

Corrosion Coupon Racks
Accurate corrosion monitoring available in PVC, CPVC, carbon steel and stainless steel with 1-6 coupon stations / A host of standard features and options are available

Sample Coolers & Sludge Traps
Cools sample liquids for testing up to 600°F at 1,500 PSI / Available in stainless steel, alloy 600 or copper sample tube material / Wingert sludge traps help prolong the life of process equipment in a cooling sample line by removing sediment and sludge

Tanks and Tanks Stands
Standard polyethylene and polyproplene tank sizes from 2 to 500 gallons manufactured in cylindrical, rectangular and cone bottom shapes / Tank stands up to 500 gallons to meet a wide variety of industrial applications

Tank Package Systems
Offered in polyethylene, carbon steel and stainless steel in top and bottom mount configurations / All tank packages come standard with a drain valve, strainer and visual representation of tank level

Glycol Feed Systems
Completey automated systems available in 50 gallon single or dual pump configurations / High temperature systems and a variety of optional features available

Control Stations
Industrial work stations, pump stations, control shelves, floor and wall mount racks that allow for proper installation and easy maintenance of pumps and controllers

NEMA Enclosures
Small and large NEMA 4X enclosures for safe installation of process instrumentation

Custom Systems
Custom system expertise to meet the needs of today's demanding marketplace

J.L. Wingert Representatives can assist you with the selection of equipment best suited to your specific needs. Contact our customer service department by e-mail at or call us Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST at (714) 379-5519, or fax us at (714) 379-5549.

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