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Feeder Specification Sheets

Bypass Feeders

Flat Bottom Bypass Feeders
Dome Bottom Bypass Feeders
High Pressure Bypass Feeders
ASME Bypass Feeders

Filter Feeders

Flat Bottom Filter Feeders
Dome Bottom Filter Feeders
Flat Bottom High Capacity Filter Feeders
Dome Bottom High Capacity Filter Feeders
Dome Bottom Pleated Filter Feeders

Bypass Feeder and Filter Feeder Parts & Accessories

Valve Package Instruction Sheet
ASME Bypass Feeder Instruction Sheet
Model "-AR" Air Release Valve
Model 3069 (Steel) & 3069P (PE) Fill Funnels
Model 3218 Steel "HD" Fill Funnel
Model 3086 Sight Flow Indicator
Model "SL125" & "SL300" Sight Level Gauge
Model 3061 In-line Strainer
Models 3009, 3010, & 3080 Filter Bag Kit

Bromine Feeders

Flat Bottom Bromine Feeders
Dome Bottom Bromine Feeders

Bromine Feeder Accessories

Solids Dissolving Chambers
PVC Air Release
PVC Valve Packages
PVC/PE Fill Funnel

Engineering Specifications

Bypass Feeder
High Pressure Bypass Feeder
Filter Feeder
High Capacity Filter Feeder
Fiberglass Feeder

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