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Flow Meters, Sensors & Controls - Seametrics designs and manufacturers a complete line of flow metering products which serve a wide variety of markets, including industrial water treatment, energy management, irrigation, utilities, food processing, and chemical handling. We proudly carry their complete line of quality turbine meters, paddlewheel flowmeters, insertion flow meters, low flow meters, water meters, pulse meters, flow sensors and electronic controls.

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EX Series

EX80: Fixed Length Insertion Magmeters
EX100/200: Adjustable Length Insertion Magmeters

EX115/215: Hot-Tap Insertion Magmeters

WMP Series

WMP: Plastic Bodied Magmeters

WMX Series

WMX101: Industrial / Municipal Magmeters

EM Series

EM100/102: Low Flow Fertigation Magmeters

PE Series

PE102: Low Flow Magmeters


TX Series

TX81/82: Turbine Insertion Flowmeter for 1-1/2" to 8" Pipe
TX101/102: Turbine Insertion Flowmeter for Larger Pipe
TX115/215: Turbine Insertion Flowmeter with Isolation Valves

WT Series

WTP: Plastic Body Turbine Flowmeter
WTS: Stainless Steel Body Turbine Flowmeter
WTC: Carbon Steel Body Turbine Flowmeter

WJ Series

WJ: Inline Turbine Water Meter


IP Series

IP81/82: Paddlewheel Insertion Flowmeter for 1-1/2" to 8" Pipe
IP101/102: Paddlewheel Insertion Flowmeter for Larger Pipe
IP115/215: Paddlewheel Insertion Flowmeter with Isolation Valves

S Series

SES: Stainless Single-Jet Meter
SPX: Low Flow, Chemical Resistance Flowmeter
SPT: Low Flow, PTFE for Maximum Chemical Resistance

SEB Series

SEB: Metal Body Low Flow Meter

MJ Series

MJ: Contacting Head Water Meter w/ Dry Contact or Solid State Pickups


FT Series

FT520: Batch Flow Processor
FT420: Loop-Powered Rate/Total Indicator
FT415: Battery Powered Rate/Total Indicator

Pulse Divider/Pulse Splitter

PD10: Pulse Divider
PS40: Pulse Splitter


AO55: Blind Analog Transmitter


PT35: Dual Pulse Timer


DL76: Data Logger



TEES: Fittings for IP80, TX80 and EX80 Series Flowmeters
SADDLES: Saddle-Type Fittings for IP80, TX80 and EX80 Series
and IP and TX100 Series Flowmeters
WELD/BRAZE: Weld-on Fittings for IP80, TX80 and EX80 Series Flowmeters

Solar Panel

RSP5: Solar Panel

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