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Frequently Asked Questions -
J.L. Wingert vs. Lakos® Designs

Q: Removable Dome

A: This design is necessary on Lakos separators to allow for either one of the following: 1) access to clean the accelerator slots, or 2) to allow access into the interior of the separator for application of epoxy coating. Wingert separators do not have slots or small orifices that require maintenance in the upper head of the separator, like Lakos. A removable dome is not necessary for maintenance of a J.L. Wingert separator. J.L. Wingert offers a removable dome design only to meet specifications that are written around a Lakos separator. Furthermore, J.L. Wingert does not offer internal epoxy coating in the separators because the epoxy coating will be chipped away from the internal wall of the separator causing eventual clogging problems. J.L. Wingert does offer a stainless steel separator for those applications that require it.

Q: Inspection Port

A: The inspection port is a 2" opening in the top head of the separator for inspection of the accelerator slots of a Lakos separator. J.L. Wingert separators do not have slots or other small orifices that require inspection in the top head of the separator, like Lakos. J.L. Wingert does have an option for a cleanout in the body of the separator, just above the solids recovery chamber, to allow for internal inspection and/or removal of particles too large to be purged.

Q: Accelerator Slots

A: These are a series of "slots" inside the head at the entrance to the separator chamber of the Lakos separator. The purpose of these slots is to increase the velocity of the fluid for particle separation. This design is patented by Lakos. These slots allow a 3/8" particle to pass, regardless of the separator connection size. Because of the design of the J.L. Wingert separators, nothing like this is required to achieve increased fluid velocity and particle separation. The J.L. Wingert design allows particles as large as the inlet opening to be separated. When particles that are larger than the purge opening are being separated, a cleanout can be added upon request, therefore larger particles may be removed without the use of a removable dome.

Q: Angled Mounting

A: Lakos separators are typically longer than J.L. Wingert units. Due to the length of the Lakos units, they are frequently specified in the 45° or 22 1/2° angle mounting. The angled mounting drastically increases the footprint requirement, using up valuable floor space. The J.L. Wingert unit is repeatedly short enough to fit vertically, thus reducing installation costs due to a smaller footprint. However, if required, J.L. Wingert Separators can be built at the required angle.

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