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Clean Tower Separator System Installation

Side Stream Installations

In addition to being the ideal solution for the removal of solids from a tower basin or sump, the Wingert Clean Tower Separator System may be installed in a side stream, as shown in the illustrations below. Side stream installations are typically sized for 10 - 20% of the main system flow rate (see side stream sizing chart).

Side Stream Installation with Return to Pump Suction

The preferred method for side stream cleaning is achieved by installing the separator system across the recirculation pump. This type of installation allows for maximum pressure drop through the separator. The diagram to the right depicts this type of installation.
Side Stream Installation with Return to Main Line

Another acceptable installation is the return to the system flow line. This installation allows only for the pressure drop that the separator system pump can provide. Although this is sufficient for separation, the greater the pressure drop - the better the separation. The diagram to the right depicts this type of installation.

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