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Profile Newsletters

Our quarterly Profile Newsletters are available here for download in PDF format. Please choose from the selection below. If you would like an actual original Profile Newsletter mailed to you, please email a literature request form here.

Profile 8-2 Wingert Clean Tower Separator Systems (322K)
Profile 8-1 LMI DC5500 with LiquiComm Communications
De-gas Valve
Duracore Spacer
C76 Series Pump
Profile 7-2 Wingert WXL 350 RPM Mixers
Wingert Bromine Feeders
Wingert Control Stations
Profile 7-1 LMI Controllers
Wingert Feeders
+GF+ Signet Controllers / Monitors
Profile 6-3 ARO-MAG Magnetic Drive Pumps
LMI Secondary Tubing Containment Kit
Wingert Manufactured Products PDF Library
Profile 6-2 Wingert Clean Tower Separator Systems (336K)
Profile 6-1 ARO S-Tran Series Diaphragm Pumps
ARO Powder Transfer Pumps
+GF+ Signet ProcessPro Transmitters
Wingert Solid-Liquid Separators
Profile 5-3 JLW 50 Gallon Tank and Overflow Basin
JLW 30 Gallon Tank and Overflow Basin
Profile 5-2 JLW Pleated Filter Feeder
JLW Bypass Feeder Line
JLW Filter Feeder Line
Profile 5-1 LMI G Series Metering Pumps
AC4000/AC5000 Controllers
Prefabricated Controller Systems

J.L. Wingert Representatives can assist you with the selection of equipment best suited to your specific needs. Contact our customer service department by e-mail at or call us Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST at (714) 379-5519, or fax us at (714) 379-5549.

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