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Engineered Products for Industrial Fluid Control

Blacoh Fluid Control's, SENTRY Pulsation Dampeners, Surge Suppressors, Suction Stabilizers and Thermal Expansion Chambers take the shock out of fluid flow in industrial and chemical pumping applications. SENTRY hydro-pneumatic products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and in the largest variety of chemical resistant materials available. The simplicity of design includes only one moving part, the bladder, a choice of air charging assemblies, and easy in-line maintenance. SENTRY products are engineered to a 4:1 pressure safety margin at ambient temperature and warranted for material and workmanship.

Installed in-line, SENTRY protects pipes, valves, fittings and sensitive equipment from vibration and fatigue, due to the pulsating flows created by reciprocating pumps and prevents "hammer shock" created from quick closing valves. SENTRY can be used on all pump types: piston, diaphragm, peristaltic, metering and air operated double diaphragm pumps. Pumps and components last longer and perform more efficiently, avoiding costly chemical spills, insuring accuracy of in-line meters, and protecting pipe from breakage.

Sentry Products
Sentry Plastic
Pressure Rating: up to 150 psi
Capacities: from 4 to 370 cubic inches
Shell Materials:
Polypropylene +32°F to +175°F  (0°C to +79°C)
PVC +32°F to +140°F  (0°C to +60°C)
PVDF (Kynar) +10°F to +250°F  (-12°C to +121°C)
Acetal (Delrin) -20°F to +180°F  (-29°C to +82°C)
Inlet Ports:
Threaded -- NPT and BSP
Flanged -- ANSI and DIN

Sentry Metal
Pressure Rating: up to 3000 psi
Capacities: from 4 cubic inches to 100 gallons
Shell Materials:
Mild Steel
316 & 304 Stainless Steel
Alloy 20
Hastelloy C
Epoxy, PVDF and Teflon® coated steel
Inlet Ports:
Threaded -- NPT and BSP
Flanged -- ANSI and DIN

Sentry Sanitary
Pressure Rating: up to 80 psi
Capacities: from 4 cubic inches to 4.8 gallons
Shell Materials: Mirror polished 316 Stainless Steel
Inlet Ports: Tri-Clamp type Sanitary fitted
Bead blasted (unpolished) 316 Stainless Steel Food Grade units also available with sanitary fitted inlet ports.

Sentry PTFE Teflon
Pressure Rating: up to 150 psi
Capacities: from 3 to 355 cubic inches
Shell Materials: Machined PTFE Teflon®
Bellows Material: Machined PTFE Teflon®
Inlet Ports:
Threaded -- NPT and BSP
Flanged -- ANSI and DIN
Flare type tube fittings
Max. Temperature: 225°F / 107°C
Includes Teflon® coated or all Engineered Plastic Hardware

J.L. Wingert Representatives can assist you with the selection of equipment best suited to your specific needs. Contact our customer service department by e-mail at or call us Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST at (714) 379-5519, or fax us at (714) 379-5549.

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